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Mount Calvary Foundation

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Mission Statement

To be faithful stewards of the assets put in our care and to carry out the work of Christ by putting those assets to work at Mount Calvary, in the local community and throughout the world.

Examples of Grant Recipients

Since 1989, the Foundation has gifted over $170,000 in grant awards. Grants are made to three focus areas: Mount Calvary Lutheran Church (for programs not funded in operating budget), Community Organizations, and International Projects. 

List of Grant Recipients

How We Receive

The Foundation receives gifts in three ways:

  • Memorial gifts
  • Direct gifts such as cash and stock gifts
  • Bequests through estate giving.

Gifts to the Foundation continue in perpetuity and only the interest on the principal is used to make grants. As the principal grows, the amount given away will grow as well. The Foundation principal has surpassed $500,000 and we are on track to reaching $1 million in assets with continued generous giving.

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