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Preschool Activities

Preschooler playing


Each child is important at Mount Calvary Preschool. Our staff looks at all areas of development in association with each child and incorporate these areas of development into our preschool day. We conduct parent/teacher conferences twice a year to discuss each child's development.

  • A child's social development is demonstrated in his growth as a member of a group. This growth is reflected in his level of play, which develops in stages. 
  • Emotional Development is the growth of a child's feelings about himself and his world. An adult would watch a child's behaviors during certain situations to gage his emotional development. Taking initiative, separation from a parent, making transitions, and a child's daily attitude are situations during which a teacher gets a look at a child's emotional development.
  • Gross motor development is reflected in the way the child uses his body. Large muscle development is reflected in the child's ability to walk, run, jump, hop, gallop, and skip. 
  • Fine motor development is the physical development of the small muscles in the arms, wrists, fingers, ankles, toes, and eyes. Small muscle development is demonstrated by the child's ability to draw, print, manipulate small objects, and tiptoe.
  • Cognitive development is the process of knowing. A child must go through many processes to learn, or to know. The process includes attention, perception, memory, reasoning, judgment, imagining, thinking, and language development.
  • Spiritual development grows as a child becomes aware. He becomes aware of love received and given. Bible stores and church-going teach a child of God's love. Songs, prayers, and discussions about Jesus help a child grow in her faith.