KAH West Metro

Kids Against Hunger-West Metro (KAH-WM) is a volunteer-driven organization committed to inspiring, engaging, and educating people, starting with our children, by packaging life-saving meals that ease world hunger. A nondenominational, humanitarian 501(c)3 status nonprofit, we pack meals year round, working with school groups, businesses, volunteer organizations, churches, groups of friends-anyone who wants to help.

Volunteering with KAH-WM is great because you can get involved in the time you have available, whether it's 15 minutes per week or it's longer, less frequent chunks of time. We are always in need of team leaders, who help set up, run, and clean up after packing events. During our big pack-a-thon every November we need hundreds of volunteers to pack meals, refill ingredients, help fund raise, and do behind-the-scenes support work.

Since our launch in 2005, thousands of volunteers have worked together to package over three million meals for places like Haiti, Somali refugee camps, Tanzania, Pakistan, Thailand, areas struck by Hurricane Katrina-even areas of Minneapolis hit by a tornado. We are a satellite of Feeding Children International and an outreach ministry of Mount Calvary. For more information or to contact us, please visit www.kidsagainsthungerwm.org or call 952-474-8893 extension #800.   

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