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Red Lake Group Work Camp

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We are currently accepting wait list requests for the Red Lake Mission Trip, Jul 14 - 21 at Red Lake Reservation. Please sign up here and a staff member will contact you within two business days to confirm your child's spot on the roster.

If space is available, final payment can be made online in the amount of $600.

July 14 - 21, 2018

Mount Calvary youth will join with other church groups to paint, clean, and renovate homes, meet local residents, and worship together on the Red Lake Indian Reservation.

This is the homeland of the Red Lake Chippewa Tribe whose ancestors were living here long before Europeans arrived. This is one of the few “closed” reservations—so called because the tribe has continually stood up to the government by refusing to divide and sell off their lands. Many people here still earn a living by fishing in the lake, and they supplement their diet by hunting game in the dense woods.

Our group will be staying in a clean, modern school right in Red Lake.

Our  Service

Jobs are scarce in this remote area, and unemployment runs high. Northern Minnesota is known for frigid winters that take a toll on houses. On top of that, many homes here are overcrowded. Due to low incomes and a shortage of housing stock, we will see several generations of a family crowding together under one roof. Each of these things is hard on houses, but combined together, they can spell disaster without our help! Projects will vary, from painting, light carpentry and simple repairs to construction of sturdy decks to provide safe entry into homes.

Our Partner

Our partner there is an entity of the tribe itself. We will be on the reservation at the request and invitation of tribal leaders. This Work camp is an integral part of a long-term, ongoing effort by the people of Red Lake to build up their community and improve their lives. People there look forward to having groups like ours come every summer, so we know we will be welcomed.