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After the death of a loved one there are many decisions to make. Mount Calvary Lutheran Church can provide the church facility and worship services for your funeral or memorial service needs. A funeral service typically has a casket with later interment at a cemetery, and a memorial service usually has a cremation urn, with later interment either in Mount Calvary’s Columbarium (details below), or a cemetery columbarium of the family’s choice. The mortuary or cremation society you choose will handle the burial arrangements after the church services.

To speak with a pastor regarding a funeral or memorial service, call the church office at 952-474-8893.


For the facility, there are no fees if you are using a funeral home. They will provide you information on suggested honorariums for those assisting. If you are not using a funeral home, the fees cover the cost of the additional church staff on the day of the funeral.
For the service, fees are charged for the organist/pianist and soloist.
For a lunch or light refreshments, the cost is passed directly to the family. A typical lunch includes sandwiches, salads, beverages, and dessert purchased locally. The food is coordinated and served by members of the church volunteering their time. All costs will be determined based on requests and explained in detail.


Many funeral attendees will honor the deceased with monetary memorials. You may discuss with the Pastor where to direct this money. If no specific request is made, all memorials are gifted to the Mount Calvary Foundation. Checks should be turned into the church.

Mount Calvary Columbarium

The Mount Calvary Foundation extends this welcome, this privilege to church members and their families to be inurned in the church memorial columbarium. The columbarium has been designed to hold two persons per niche in separate urns, with memorial plaques engraved on the front. Located in the atrium, the niches are made of the same strong, secure, appealing Kasota stone to match the structure of the Church. Non-members may also be considered for inurnment at the discretion of the Pastoral staff. To learn more about the columbarium click on the link below or call the church office, 952-474-8893.

Columbarium Information