• Phone: (952)474-8893
  • Mailing Address: 301 County Road 19, Excelsior, MN 55331

Who We Are

Pastor DaveWe are a community of faithful believers devoted to proclaiming the power of the Spirit and cherishing the love of Christ. We revel in the guidance of God, and seek to deepen our relationships with God and each other by supporting members and newcomers alike with words and actions of grace.

Located in Excelsior, MN, Mount Calvary is a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and its local expression, the Minneapolis Area Synod. Since setting roots in 1930 on the south shore of Lake Minnetonka, the Mount Calvary community has grown from 75 baptized members to more than 4,000, making it one of the largest ELCA congregations in the United States.

Our mission is to make, build up and send out disciples of Jesus Christ. Thus, Mount Calvary welcomes all those who wish to realize the eternal truths of God’s story. We encourage you to join us for open worship on Wednesday evening, Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning.

When visiting Mount Calvary, members and guests will enjoy a sense of wonder and belonging through:

As a community church, Mount Calvary is dedicated to making a regional and international impact. Our members commit to leaving the world a better place through outreach initiatives such as the Mount Calvary Preschool, the Foundation, the Mount Calvary Academy of Music and Many Hands Many Meals.

Thanks for taking the time to learn about us; we hope to see you soon!