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Family Ministry

Family Ministry class

Family Ministry is the umbrella for ministries that help parents to practice and share their faith with their children in their everyday lives. Programs within this ministry are Faith Families and Milestone Ministry. These ministries enable the parent or significant adult to be the lead, allowing faith to be passed to the child by the parent in the language and way of the family. To learn more about our programs contact Andrea Fieldhouse-Griner.


Milestones are significant cultural, developmental and spiritual markers we all experience throughout our lifetime. Milestone Ministry celebrates these markers with special gatherings as both parent and child attend a Milestone celebration class or event together to talk and learn about faith and God. The experience is planned especially for the age of the child or youth attending and often includes prayer, art, reading, games and sharing. Milestones are celebrated from age 2 through high school seniors.  

Contact: Andrea Fieldhouse-Griner

First Communion

As the parent of a third grader it is time for you to begin to consider your child’s first communion preparation. It is during third grade that students at Mount Calvary receive communion for the first time. However, if your child is older than third grade that is not a problem,  we welcome many older students as well in our celebration.  Our first communion preparation experience is designed for both parents and children. Please plan to attend one of the following with your child:

Thursday, Nov. 7, 2019  (celebration weekend November 16 & 17)

Thursday, March 19, 2020  (celebration on Maundy Thursday, April 9, 2020)

What if I can come to the preparation class, but not the weekend?

While we strongly encourage families to attend the weekend services specifically designated as first communion weekends, if you are able to participate in the class, but not the weekend services, please come to the preparation class and your student can receive their first communion at any weekend communion service.

What do I need to do to prepare for the class?

Our preparation class is a drama, where we experience life as a first century Christian. Bring a pillow to sit on, as we will be on the floor. Be prepared to talk to your student about a story that is important or defining for your family, you will share these stories privately with your student. Bring a bible verse that is important to you and be prepared to share that story and why it is important. Bring the names of friends or family that you would like to lift up in prayer, and be prepared to share those with your student.

If you plan on going forward and taking the next step with you and your child in their faith journey. Please contact Brenda Lund at 952-474-8893, ext. 118 or .